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Beautiful Boobies

At lunchtime today I, along with thousands of other Aucklanders, was able to appreciate boobies as dozens of women made their way down Queen Street on bikes and various other modes of transport. There were boobies of all sorts. Small … Continue reading

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Breasts, Spaghetti, and the distance to Pluto

Well here it is, my much demanded post on breasts. A while ago I suggested Auckland should affectionately adopt Spaghetti Junction as the city’s new logo. I have not yet had much success with this, although at Dave’s suggestion was … Continue reading

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Role Model of Laziness

‘Tis the time of autumn. European trees turn brilliant shades of red and yellow, children play in mounds of dried fallen leaves, paths become smothered and squelchy, and pavements are choked with the fumes of two-stroke engines. Yes, ’tis the … Continue reading

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Job Stalking

I found out that my previous employer was advertising for my old position. This immediately prompted a bit of job-stalking. The problem with job-stalking is that it inevitably leads to job-browsing. I soon found out that while I’m on a … Continue reading

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