Flying with an infant from Norway to New Zealand, part 1

I both sought and received much advice on flying long haul with a baby, or in our case double back-to-back long haul.

A repeating theme seemed to be that you can never have enough toys. Load up your iPad with baby apps, and photos, music and videos they said. Bring toys they said. Both old faithful toys, and new ones.  Book toys, soft toys, clangy toys, music toys, round toys, rattling toys, and blinking toys.

This caused me to go into a state of panic. I had no toys for the baby. Just what sort of mother was I? I frantically started scouring baby toys on Amazon and started wish lists. I sourced custom made plane-friendly toys shipped to us all the way from Kumeu Baby Supplies in New Zealand, and also from the US. My colleague dropped off a giant sized IKEA canvas bag of toys. (Who knew babies were so demanding?).

But at least now, I felt I was ready.

We were allowed three pieces of hand baggage, one was an optimal sized suitcase filled with nothing but toys. The second was a bag filled with various other baby bits, while the third was our entertainment bag, laptops, phones, and tablets all preloaded with an assortment of baby apps, German metal music (babies love Toten Hosen), and photos.

And, I never used any of them. The iPad didn’t even get turned on.

Instead it was the aircraft safety manual that this little baby found most amusing.

Studying the safety manual for the A319 heading from Bergen to London

Studying the safety manual for the A319 heading from Bergen to London for Leg 1 of 3.

Babies. So complex.

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