Please Sir, I want some more

Norwegians have a longstanding love affair with paying taxes.

They even graffiti about it.

Spotted in the underpass on our way to the local supermarket.

Spotted in the underpass on our way to the local supermarket.

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4 Responses to Please Sir, I want some more

  1. david says:

    Fremskrittspartiet huh?

  2. michelle says:

    Ok, so we did just have an election resulting in a massive swing to the ‘right’ (for Norway). Of course on an international scale, Fremskrittspartiet sits about as right as NZ Labour.

  3. CeilingCat says:

    Ok, well this raises several questions:

    1) Why did they graffiti in english?

    2) Where does NZ Labour sit on the left-right scale? I have some memories of the Roger Douglas years when they swung off to the right somewhat…

    3) Does anyone else think “Iron Erna” is a rather cool name for a Prime Minister?

    • michelle says:

      1) It’s like the English minger getting a Chinese character tramp stamp. English is the exciting foreign language. If you speak English, you are definitely cool. Also, being rich is uncool:
      2) NZ is the standard. NZ labour is just a bit to the left. US democrats are about as right as ACT.
      3) Indeed. Much better than John

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