750 words

When I learned I would be getting one year’s maternity leave, I made extensive plans of everything I would accomplish during my time off.

  • Run a sub 4-hour marathon
  • Restart TKD training and finally get my black belt
  • Take on partime work projects
  • Write two books, one fiction, the other non-fiction
  • Become a chef maestro
  • Become fluent in Norwegian
  • Lose weight, about 20 kg worth

Well, all in between raising a baby, of course. But, how hard could that be? They sleep 18 hours a day. I needed a hobby, otherwise I would be bored stiff.

How wrong I was. Maybe somewhere there is a baby who sleeps 18 hours a day, but not here. Here, we have a rolly poly, noise making salivating poo machine. But, a lovely, smiley poo machine, nonetheless.*

So, as I have embraced motherhood full-on, my plans have diminished somewhat. But, one, which is still active, is to publish a book. I already have the outline, and structure. However, when it comes to fleshing it out, I’ve lagged.

It requires a thing called motivation.

Fortunately, the Internet is awash with plenty of support in this domain. My brother-in-law pointed me to a site called 750 words.com. The concept is simple. Everyday you write 750 words, or approximately three pages. The site keeps track of your progress.

So, here I am.

Inspired and ready to tackle this project full on.

My goal is write 750 words, or a blog post a day. Writing is good for the mind and soul. Particularly, if most of your day conversation comprises of nonsensical babble.

And, it gives me something other than Hairy MacLary to read to the barn.

Status update in one month.

* One thing we have learned is all new parents become obsessed with poo.  At some point I’m sure we’ll grow out of it, and stop discussing our son’s poo habits with friends, family, and even passing strangers if they look remotely interested.  But for now, it’s all about the poo.

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2 Responses to 750 words

  1. Simon says:

    That poo thing is so true. Only just this morning my colleague Bernd the German, who has a new baby, was discussing his plans for a Kickstarter for a smart-nappy with built in poo analyser.

    • michelle says:

      I’ve had the same idea! Actually, I just wanted a nappy changing traffic light:
      * Green: all good
      * Orange: need change, although not yet urgent
      * Red: Poos out there. Change now.
      * Blinking red: Also accompanied with screaming baby. Change long over due. Imminent baby meltdown.

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