Babies are big business.

In Norway, you could be mistaken for thinking they are the country’s biggest money earner, second only to the oil.

And, as a first time mum, it seems I’m in hot demand. Supermarkets, pharmacies, baby shops, baby goods suppliers, and book shops are all vying for my customer loyalty.

Most shops, or any company selling baby related things, offer free ‘barnapakke’ (baby packs), and I’ve made extensive use of these.

Our nursery is now overflowing with nappies, nappy creams, baby oils, soaps, cleansing items, breast pads, wipes, maternity pads, pacifiers, ointments, clothing, bedding, bottles, books, and toys.

And all provided to us for free.   All they ask is I give them my email address (hm.).

Here is a baby pack, I picked up at a local pharmacy earlier today.

Barnapakke from Vitusapotek pharmacy

Barnapakke from Vitusapotek pharmacy

Freebies inside.

Freebies inside.


  • Digital 10 second baby thermometer 
  • Nursing pads
  • Maternity pads
  • Nappies
  • Nappy wipes
  • Dry baby wipes
  • Hot toddys for colds
  • Various creams and ointments for boobies, bottoms, and other areas. 
  • Pacifier

The contents for the different packs vary, and some are significantly better than others. Probably the ‘best value’ (if you can call it that), was from a nappy supplier, containing 30 nappies, disposable mattress protectors, nappy changing mats, large (not sample) bottles of nappy rash cream, oils, moisturizers, and baby soap, and a large box of nappy wipes, and maternity and breast pads.

All good stuff, and saves me from choice anxiety, were I to try and buy all these items myself.

Here’s a list of some of the baby packs I’ve found so far. There are probably many more, but as of now, my baby starter box is complete, and then some.

  • VitusApotek (Pharmacy)
  • Apotek1 (Pharmacy)
  • Libero (Nappy supplier)
  • Kiwi  (Supermarket)
  • Rimi (Supermarket)
  • Rema1000 (Supermarket)
  • Lindex (Clothing store)
  • Barnashus (Baby shop, provides free nappy disposal system)


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