Since moving into our new house, we have been surprised by the number of door knockers who have come by, both during the day and evening.

This is a problem for a couple of reasons

  1. Usually they are wanting some sort of financial transaction to take place. And, as I answer the door and try and decipher their Norwegian pitch  and then come up with an answer, still the best I can muster is ‘nei takk’, and both I and the visitor depart the social interaction feeling a little frustrated by my curtness.
  2. Our main living area is upstairs. I have no way of seeing who is at the door without opening it. I am also very, very pregnant, and waddling up and down the stairs leaves me feeling like I’ve just run a marathon. I can only do it so many times a day, which I need to use to coordinate my bathroom-breaks. I don’t have time for door knockers.

So, here is Brian’s latest product idea, a multi-button, multi chime doorbell.



Quick google suggests such a thing does not exist. It could make for an interesting social experiment.

(Yes, probably the easy option would be to just put a sign on our door stating ‘no unsolicited visitors’, but there’s no fun in that, and we might still get the TV inspectors)

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3 Responses to Doorbells

  1. Simon says:

    I suggest a door bell with five buttons and a sign above saying. “Four of these buttons are wired into the mains. One is safe. Are you feeling lucky?”

    Make sure all five are wired up of course.

  2. david says:

    I’m going to say “nei takk” to Vodafone next time they come round! “nei takk” this month, “nei takk” last month, “nei takk” next month, you’d think they would get the hint.

    • michelle says:

      Make sure you pronounce ‘takk’ as ‘tuck’, otherwise you will just be saying ‘no roof, no roof’. Which I guess could come in handy if these Auckland earthquakes keep up.

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