Vegetarianism in Norway

Norway is not a country known for its vegetarian cuisine.

It is very much a seafood nation.

Fish and potatoes, with the occasional sheep’s head, whale steak, and seal.

Because of the climate and latitude, there’s little in the way of fresh produce. Not only is it imported, but due to tariffs, it’s extremely expensive, and consequently fresh vegetables are usually not a popular item at the supermarket.

So, being a strict vegetarian is a challenge, and a rule we’ve reluctantly relaxed over the past year.

I probably permanently got myself banished from that club, after I munched on smoked whale.* Although, my colleagues were more forgiving, and suggested, I was unlikely to be kicked out of the vegetarian club permanently until I’d had Smalahove, and clubbed and eaten my own seal.

So, there’s hope yet.

But for now, as we are experimenting with our new weekly delivered dining adventure, vegetarianism will be going on hold.

Here are photos from the last two night’s dishes

Brian garnishes with caramalized onion sauce

Brian garnishes with caramelized onion sauce

Pork loin with caramalized onion sauce, Norwegian mash, and garden salad

Pork loin with caramelized onion sauce, Norwegian mash, and garden salad


Roast chicken with Alfredo pasta and tomato salad

Roast chicken with Alfredo pasta and tomato salad

Assessing temperature of roast chicken

Assessing temperature of roast chicken

*It was only afterwards that I learned that whale meat is the one thing pregnant women really should not be digesting. But seriously, I have a number of pregnancy books which I’ve read from cover to cover, and paid great attention to which foods I need to be careful with, and no-where did it say anything about not eating whales.

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2 Responses to Vegetarianism in Norway

  1. Roland says:

    Nice. How things have changed from the days where I used to tease you about your diet of instant noodles!!

    • michelle says:

      They were vegetable flavoured noodles. It was a well-balanced diet!

      It’s actually a really great service. We’re learning to cook all sorts of exciting new styles, and experimenting with different food. And all fresh, nothing processed. Much healthier. Plus, we no longer need to do weekly grocery shopping, since everything is delivered to our door.

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