Brian and I enjoy cooking.  We’re just not that good at it.

Actually, that’s not true.   We’re usually not organized or inspired enough to cook really good food.

To prepare restaurant-quality meals, there are a number of prerequisites

  1. Inspiration of what you will cook.  With seemingly countless recipes available, even just flicking through a basic cookbook, can be overwhelming when it comes to picking something
  2. Getting all the ingredients. Once you have decided what you will make, you need to visit the local shops and purchase all the necessary items.  So, you need to be organised.  Of course, often a recipe will call for 50g of Stilton cheese, and only 200g is available at the store,  2 tablespoons of coconut milk but it only comes in 250g cans, or 100g of cranberries, but the store is all sold out.  If you manage to find the all ingredients, you will find you will probably be spending more than what you need, and know the leftovers will likely just take up space in the fridge for 6 months, before eventually being thrown out.  Frustrated you move on, and decide to leave the exciting meal for another time.
  3. Actually having the time to prepare everything, cook it, and sit down to enjoy the meal

Often, after a long day at work, it is all just too hard.

So instead what happens, is we get stuck in a food rut routine.  Change and creativity in the kitchen requires effort.  It’s much easier to prepare something quick and easy, something that we know, and have done before, relying on heavily processed foods, or quick and blandly prepared vegetables.

Pasta and cheese with boiled broccoli becomes a boring staple.

Meal times become a drag.

Two weeks ago we moved into our new house.  And, it came complete with a lovely, new, spacious kitchen that was making us feel guilty for not using it to its full potential.

We decided it was time for a change.

We signed up to a popular Norwegian service called godt levert.

How it works is this:   Each week, they release 5 gorgeous restaurant-style meal menus, made from quality fresh ingredients.  The menus are different each week. Different styles, different flavours. You can select the 2 person option, the family option, the express option (takes less than 30 mins to prepare), or the original option (slightly longer to prepare, but end result is more exciting).

Once you have selected the menu stream, you sign up, and the company delivers all the ingredients you require to your door.   If Tuesday’s meal calls for 50g of Stilton cheese, three spring onions, 125g of smoked salmon,  100ml of coconut milk, and 200g of basmati rice, they will ship just that.  No frustrating leftovers.    And no rushing to the store to find the missing items you didn’t realise you needed.

We selected the two-person, original menu, three times a week, plus the weekly fruit bowle.

We chose not to study this week’s menu, deciding to allow ourselves to be surprised instead.

We excitedly awaited for our delivery on Monday.    It felt a bit like Christmas.

At 7pm the doorbell rang.  Our delivery had arrived.

Two boxes, and a chiller bag.

Godtlevert delivery

Our Monday night delivery

We excitedly unpacked everything.  All enticing fresh ingredients, and all of the highest quality.  The most processed item there was a pack of tagliatelle pasta.  Our week’s menu and recipes were printed in full colour on high quality A4 cards.  On Tuesday we’d be having coconut curry vege soup, with Hake and rice. Wednesday is pork loin, with caramelized onion sauce, Norwegian style mashed potatoes and salad.  Friday’s menu is roast chicken with Alfredo pasta.   Our fruit bowle comprised enticing green apples, bananas, oranges, plums, grapes and one pineapple.

We had change and creativity delivered to our door step.

We now get to learn new culinary skills, as well as refine our Norwegian as we work our way through the recipes.    Cooking is no longer a drag, but a delight.  The hard work has been done for us.

Brian preparing our first dish

Brian preparing our first dish

Here was our first dish:

Coconut curry vege soup with rice and hake.  Alas I need to work on my food photography skills

Coconut curry vege soup with rice and hake. Alas I need to work on my food photography skills

And since I don’t have professional photography equipment, here is what it actually looked like, really.

Coconut curry soup - the pro version

Coconut curry soup – the pro version


And next week, it will be a whole new dining adventure.

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