Returning to Norway from a winter break

We had just returned from our Christmas holiday, having our spent time in a country which shall remain nameless.

When we arrived back home last night, I saw these on our kitchen bench.

They were green when we left.  And they didn’t rot.  The insides are still fine, if not slightly unripe.

It turns out the inside temperature of our apartment dropped to -1.1C while we were away.

Our bananas would have fared better in our fridge.




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5 Responses to Returning to Norway from a winter break

  1. david says:

    Happy Christmas and New Year!

    This nameless country didn’t have the initials N.. Z…… ?

  2. Roland says:

    Oh … btw … we will be in the same unnamed country in April … just in case you would to fly over for a visit … but I guess not a good time given your ‘other’ situation.

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