Bird appreciating late afternoon sun at Nordnes

Autumn (høst) is well underway now.

The mountains surrounding Bergen are turning brilliant shades of red and yellow. Within another few weeks it will be a brown barren wasteland, engulfed in icy darkness, before the winter snow brings us a new fairy-tale landscape.

So, with some brilliant weather forecast for the weekend (something we see so infrequently, it makes national headlines), it was time to hone  our photography skills.

Temperatures have settled in to a comfortable 5C, occasionally threatening to drop below zero, but not quite, keeping frosts and ice at bay, and making for pleasant weekend strolls.

We headed up to the mountains, by way of town, and then up Fjellvein, one of our favourite running routes, soon to become waddling route.

Photo opportunities were aplenty.

Cliche Stock-Photo Leaves (well I figured Brian may have misunderstood that shot)

Cliche Norwegian autumn leaf photo. Or so Brian thought – maybe something to do with the fact the Norway has the world’s highest rate of one night stands)

Golden carpeted paths, bordered by leafy yellow trees.

It’s viamin D time

Cliche shot. This is in Bergen, really. Nordnes to be exact.

Views of town.

Bryggen, Fløyen (first mountain), and Ulriken (Bergen’s tallest mountain) in the distance

Views of the Sun.

Late afternoon sun over Bergen, from Fjellvein

It was all there.

The following day, with more sun forecast, we decided to head out to the botanical gardens in Milde. However, Milde is located further inland, and to our dismay, temperatures there were cooler – enough to have already stripped the trees bare.

However, we were privy to some gorgeous rough coastal waterfront, with a brilliant mysterious white orb reflecting and glistening in the cold waters.

Strange white orb reflected in the water

Coastal bits in Milde

Photographic requirements again were met.

Well enough words.

Here is my full høst album below

Alas, I couldn’t narrow it down to fewer than forty. Despite now in it for the second time round, autumn has still manged to induce much excitement. Although we do have deciduous trees in NZ, the season can pass you by without noticing, with native trees maintaining their brilliant (and also sometimes drab) greens all year round. Here, with only a few pine trees to withstand the winter, it’s all a rather different, foreign experience.

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