Around the Mountain

Cycling along the old rail trail

Last week, we did something we had never done before.

We bought two bicycles.

Finally after over 30 years, I have my own bicycle, all for me – not one I borrowed from my sister, and then got in trouble for puncturing, not one of those crappy ones we hired when cycling in Waiheke, but a solid mountain/road bike all shiny and new, and mine to keep for however long I please.

To accompany our bikes we also bought the Bergen cycling guide, listing some 30 awesome cycle routes in and around the area.

We took our bikes for a test drive, deciding to do the “round-the-mountain” loop around Ulriken – a total of 50km.  (In hindsight perhaps we should have selected a shorter route, since we are both reasonably inexperienced cyclists).

The journey was awesome, but as with walking tracks, signage was rather lacking.

After stomping through the old postal road, being attacked by overly friendly sheep, being distracted by the lolly shop in Arna, and getting lost in the soulless urban decay of Nyborg, we finally arrived back home an impressive eight hours later, at an average speed only marginally faster than walking.

Cycling through farmland

Still it was an awesome ride.

For the most part, there is either a dedicated cycle track, or minor roads which see no traffic.  After just around 20 minutes into our journey, we found ourselves in rather pleasant Norsk country side, with farmers making hay, building bonfires, and cows and sheep out in the summery pastures, all against a back drop of mountains, and some fjord or another in between.

Despite the rain (wouldn’t be Bergen without it), it was a lovely trip, and I can’t wait until next weekend for a new adventure.

All photos below.

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