Den Trondhjemske Postvei, Part To – the bit before IKEA

Signs of Summer

Having completed the first section of the Bergen Trondheim postal route on Saturday, we decided to complete the second section on Sunday.

Sunday is long run day, so we thought to combine the two.

According to google maps it would be around 14km to get back to town.  A good morning outing.

We took the trusty number #4 bus back to Nyborg, and attempted to locate the track start.

We had read that the second part, the bit after IKEA, was the best section on this track, suggesting the bit before might not be quite as exciting.

We soon found out why.

As we got off the bus, we searched for track markers, but they were few and far between.  To our right were beckoning mountains, but we decided we should try and run the historic route. After questioning a local for directions (all in norsk, mind you), we were still no closer to the finding the track.

Fortunately, we were armed with the life-changing pocket Internet gadget which comes complete with GPS, and straight-to-facebook camera. However, even the wonder-device was not up for the challenge due to the recent rebuilding and re-roading of the area (something to do with the super enormous, new, headline-making IKEA store).

We found what we thought was the right route, taking us through an urban industrial area, before heading into more scenic country side.  Every 3km or so we were randomly rewarded with a track marker.  The wonder device was guiding us correctly, but not without some backtracking.

We passed some interesting old architecture along the way, before eventually joining the main Bergen mountain road/path, leading us back into town.

14km plus an extra hour of backtracking later, I was exhausted.

We arrived home, around 2pm, for breakfast and ice cream*.

Still, it was a good run.  Will probably run again, now that we know the way.

Summary: Some nice bits, but most of the track takes you through less interesting built up areas near the main motorway.   A must for history nerds, everyone else should stick to the enticing mountain tracks in the distance.

Difficulty: Stroller friendly

Awesome scale: 5/10.  The last section is pretty awesome, and if you start at IKEA, it means you end up in Bryggen where you can stop for beer, or ice cream. Signposting, and instructions are at orienteering level: ninja.  Take a map, compass, GPS, and a history book to complete this walk.

*Actually it was the second ice-cream, the first we had after making it back into town. Finally.


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