Das booty

You can always spot a Norwegian at an airport, they’re the ones going nuts at the duty free (well, within legal constraints), and laden with candy.

Norway has very strict import tarifs with astronomical taxes.  This stimulates the local economy (think ‘Think Big.  NZ. 1980s.), but the consequence is we have a rather limited choice in produce here.  It’s expensive, if not a little draconian.

When it comes to chocolate or cookies, we have one brand to choose from (Norwegian Freya), and of that only a limited selection, rather than an entire double supermarket aisle of chocolate/candy as seems to be the norm for first world countries.

Anyway, here’s our booty from Germany.  We are allowed to bring back up to 10kg of food, and 2Lt of spirits (or 3L of wine + 1L of beer).

Mmm. Tasty Munich wheat beer.

German booty - three tasty beers, 1 Aperol, three bottles of wine, selection of cookies and fine German and Swiss chocolate. And all for the price of two Norwegian coffees and cake (well almost)




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