From Berlin we took a train to Munich.  We boarded the sleek ICE, enjoyed a cup of tea or two courtesy of the ‘onbord’ restaurant, and watched the Germany countryside silently rush past us at 200kph.

Sweet electrified rail.

Six hours later we arrived in Munich, just in time for the end of the Starkbier festival.  There were Germans in trachts and lederhosen all around, as well as drunken English people wearing superhero costumes, running about with beers in hand, and occasionally whinging about how dross yesterday’s dinner was.

So, after wandering through the Aldtstadt, trying to negotiate the massive crowds, we decided a beer or two was in order.  For around 3 Euro we could buy a pint of gorgerous Munich brew – wheat beer seemed to be the main speciality, accompanied with a fresh pretzel.

However, slightly overwhelmed by the busy-nesses of it all, we decided we needed to venture off the beaten track, and check out the other sights of Bavaria.  Or, so was the plan.

The following day we took a train to the Austrian town (and European tourist capital) of Salzburg.

Apparently they have pretzels and beer there too.


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2 Responses to Munich

  1. CeilingCat says:

    So confession time:
    Have you been conditioned by the Great Norwegian Butter Crisis (Hereafter GNBC) so that when faced with seemingly unlimited butter in German supermarkets, you were unable to resist purchasing said butter, and carrying it with you, despite it being impractical and/or a burden.

    Michelle, did you buy butter when you were in London (assuming such a thing can be admitted without raising the ire of Norwegian customs)

    Is the GNBC just a vague memory, or has it left you mentally scarred, and hording?

    • michelle says:

      No, no it’s highly illegal to bring back any non-norwegian butter. (although we are allowed to bring back 10kg of food, which we may well have)

      The GNBC is coming to an end now, with rationed butter reappearing in supermarkets – you have to reintroduce these things slowly so we don’t go into butter shock

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