Once you see it…

I had read somewhere that the reason Sweden was so keen on having Norway joining the EU, was so that it no longer looked like a giant penis on the 1 and 2 EU coins.

Euro coin logo showing all countries in the EU. Norway is missing, resulting in a rather unfortunate image for Sweden. Click to enlarge.

Apparently some time after issueing the coins, the EU acknowledged this was in fact a problem.

The coin was even given a name, the Eurodick.

Sweden was the penis, and Finland the scrotum.

Conspiracy theories sprung up that it was a deliberate design in an attempt to punish Sweden for not adopting the EU currency.

Finally in 2006, the EU redesigned the coins.  Of course the damage had been done, with millions of coins already in circulation.

So, I was bemused to see that all our EU coins do in fact feature a big floppy, uncircumsised penis leering over the rest of Europe.



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