We have a week off, and decided to spend it visiting the world’s industrial powerhouse otherwise known as Germany.

Despite being a relatively small to mid-size country with a population of around 81 million, Germany is the world’s second largest exporter (second only to China), and has one of the world’s largest account balances.

It´s a country that has received a lot of publicity recently, not for scandals or tragedy, but rather for its economic strength, and burden of carrying the rest of EU on its shoulders.  Something Norway has been sitting back and quietly watching from afar, reaffirming its own belief as to why Norwegians shouldn’t be joining the EU.

However, industry aside, Germany is also a country of good, cheap food and beer, something we miss.

And so, we found ourselves in Berlin.

And, while I could ramble on about the tourist attractions, the old buildings, the remnants of the war, and exciting soviet architecture, I´ll save that for another time.

Berlin.  It’s a massively expansive but lovely modern city, with a fascinating history.

Here are some of the less touristy shots.


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6 Responses to Berlin

  1. david says:

    Not known for their scandals? The last time I saw Germany mentioned their corrupt President being forced to resign or be impeached.

    Berlin’s traffic lights are very cool though.

  2. michelle says:

    Was that before or after Bush massaged her?

  3. Dafnaa says:

    Dear Michelle (and Brian), I’ve found your blog while searching the combination of “Norway” and “Tramping”. It’s now in my favorites. I wanted to contact you with a friendly email, but your email address was nowhere to be found.
    After reading your post about Berlin, I understood it must be a sign to take some measures!
    (…I live in Berlin)
    I’d be happy if you can send me an email, my address should be somehow/where attached. Othet than that, I really enjoy reading your blog! I hope it’s getting warmer in Norway, it’s sure (finally) nice and sunny here in Berlin (18 degrees!)

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