Australians and New Zealanders

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to not only attend but also speak at an Atlassian conference in London.

The conference was great and for several reasons. For one, for the first time since leaving Auckland, I finally met some fellow New Zealanders, an ex colleague from Navman, and a Wellingtonian now living in the Czech Republic. In a country where they drive on the left, and all speak English (albeit in a funny accent while wearing suits), I suddenly felt a little bit closer to home. Only a little bit, though.

However, New Zealanders and many Atlassian Australians aside, I also had the chance to discuss dev processes, source control management, and QA best practices with fellow Atlassian nerds, all while being generously supplied with beer.

Everything went better than expected.

Post conference photos below – alas I only managed to snap a couple of bridges before my camera powered down. I did however thoroughly enjoy the cheap prices, and a good English pot of tea in a city cafe.

Video of a super-high speed talk on scrum should be available on the google somewhere.

This blog post bought to you via – yay – internets on a plane )

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  1. michelle says:

    Updated with photos. Turns out Internet on a plane, isn’t that great after all.

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