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An engangsgrill is Norway’s third most important invention (next to the cheese slicer in 1925, and the oil in 1969). Translated, it means, ‘one time grill’ – essentially a disposable all-in-one BBQ. They’re available in supermarkets retailing for around 15NOK … Continue reading

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Salzburg has one of highest tourist per capita ratios. Next to Venice and Florence it is the most visited city in Europe. As we arrived by train crossing the Salzach River, it was easy to see why. The town is … Continue reading

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From Berlin we took a train to Munich.  We boarded the sleek ICE, enjoyed a cup of tea or two courtesy of the ‘onbord’ restaurant, and watched the Germany countryside silently rush past us at 200kph. Sweet electrified rail. Six … Continue reading

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Once you see it…

I had read somewhere that the reason Sweden was so keen on having Norway joining the EU, was so that it no longer looked like a giant penis on the 1 and 2 EU coins. Apparently some time after issueing the coins, … Continue reading

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We have a week off, and decided to spend it visiting the world’s industrial powerhouse otherwise known as Germany. Despite being a relatively small to mid-size country with a population of around 81 million, Germany is the world’s second largest exporter (second only … Continue reading

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My new favourite running route is the trek up Stoltzekleiven. Stoltzekleiven is named after a German farm on the mountain plateau above Bergen. The trek to the top is an 800 step stone trail recently rehabilitated by Himalayen road builders. … Continue reading

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Australians and New Zealanders

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to not only attend but also speak at an Atlassian conference in London. The conference was great and for several reasons. For one, for the first time since leaving Auckland, I finally met some fellow … Continue reading

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