Like a fish out of water

The seasons seem to change very quickly here, and like clockwork.

We noticed summer was drammatically over on the 1st September, just as we received our first visitors.

Winter visibly announced itself on the 1st of December with our first snow fall.

And now, with a turn of warm weather and high of 10C forecast for next Wednesday, I’m expecting all remaining (local) snow to melt, and spring to arrive on 1st March.

So, today we decided to set out on a walk, getting the most of the sunny crisp day, and appreciating the curiously drab snow-absent landscape with life still lying dormant, waiting for brighter times.

We took a walk through Gamle Bergen, and from there into the mountains to the other side of the penisuala.

The sun even popped out for a brief visit, giving us a good dose of Vit. D.

It’s a curious landscape, silent, little snow cover left, and everything looks devoid of life and colour. And with few people about, it reminds me of a post-apocolyptic nuclear wasteland.

Along the way we passed a frozen lake, where we finally did find some signs of life –  a small fish flopping about above the ice, desperately trying to get back beneath.  Despite Brian trying to tell me to let evolution take its course, that if he was stupid to get on top of the ice, the species would better of without him, I vowed to intervene, and finally we managed to make a hole big enough for him to return to the depths below, hopeflly lesson learned, and a valuable contributor to future generations.

All photos below (of the tramp, not the stupid fish).


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  1. Simon says:

    iPads are evil! You’ll be twittering about how you’re on Facebook next!

  2. david says:

    iPads help orangutans stay active and happy in captivity.

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