Ski Trip

Brian misinterprets 'snow angel'

Our Norwegian language class consists of a rather diverse group of people, although we do have a few things in common.   We’re all (mostly) engineers, like to drink, and think Norway is a bit of a funny country.

So when the Brazilian shipping manager suggested we spend the weekend at his company’s ski hut, we were all for it.

We headed off on Saturday in two cars on our first road trip. In what sounds like the framework for a bad joke, two Brazilians, two Americans, two Russians, and two New Zealanders, set off for the tiny village of Myrkdalen, just outside of Voss.

On my todo list for the weekend was to sled, build a snoman, do a bit of skiing, drink and discuss world politics.

My expectations were fully met.

The snow coverage was impressive, and unlike anything I, or anyone in our group (except for the Russians) had ever seen.

Arriving mid afternoon, we settled into an awesome hut, before heading out for some sledding and snowman building.

Alas, when it came to the snowman, the engineers didn’t quite follow my specifications.  But, for a first run, without any planning or testing, the end result was just fine.

When engineers build a snowman - work in progress

The following day we headed off to the slopes.

Back in NZ, as we were preparing for our move to Norway, I did some research into the culture here, and a repeating theme was that Norwegians are born with skis on their feet.

As we headed out to the barna slope (amusingly referred to as the Danish slope by the Norwegians), I was able to confirm this notion.   There, we saw prams and strollers about, and children seemingly to young to walk, giddily sliding about on skis, before being put back into their strollers for their afternoon nap.

Born with skis on their feet

Meanwhile, Brian applied more analytical tactics to improving his skiing abilities, and thoroughly succeeded showing up all the children on the slope.  His final fall rate was down to 1.2 per hour.

Action shot! Brian skiing down a mountain road. Look no poles!

This icy wonderland is simply an amazing experience, and coming in to an inviting luxurious warm hut at the end of the day even more so.

With some rewarding beers, and good food, we enjoyed great company, and some hefty discourse involving global politics, the location of Russian and American missiles, and the grape industry in Siberia.

All up a great weekend.

Impressive snowy photos below.

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