Sunday Tramping: Vidden

A popular day tramp in Bergen, is the trek from Ulriken across the Vidden mountain plateau to Fløyen.  It’s a reasonably long walk, and for the less exercising inclined there is even the option of taking the cable car up at either end of the track.

The track can be walked (and in winter skied) from either direction, but starting at Ulriken means you finish in town, passing by any number of pubs.


We did this tramp in the summer, and were generally impressed with Norway doing it’s usual thing of awe inspiring steep mountains carved up by fjords with a splatter of islands in the background.

We decided to revisit in winter.

So, together with some friends from our language class, we set out on the walk.  At temperatures well below zero it was a good four-layer day.

Experienced from our previous traverse we cheated and took the cable car up to Ulriken, getting a head start.

Curiously, the winter trek was easier.  The plateau is flat, you can choose your own path, and aren’t constantly negotiating through windy and narrow rocky ledges.

And, the scenery is epic.

Despite the brilliant weather there were few skiers about, and we had the track mostly to ourselves.

Five hours later we crossed the plateau, and were back at more familiar territory in Fløyen.

We continued straight past the pub, and took the direct path home.

Too tired, the beer would have to wait for another time.

Photos below.



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