Ameglian seal

We want for a wander up Fløyen with some hot toddy and nistepakke.

As we headed past the tourist shop at the top, this little guy caught my eye.

He needed a new home, so 25 NOK later he was settling down in my backpack.

Still, I’m not sure how he feels about having I love Norway branded into his side.  All I could think of was this photo, we snapped a while back in  Tromsø.

Maybe he’s an Ameglian seal.

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2 Responses to Ameglian seal

  1. david says:

    Is he made of real baby harp seal fur?

  2. Simon says:


    Nice to see the Canadians have proper regulations for them. But what do they do if your Hakapik is outside specs? Make you walk at the back of the baby seal hunt?

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