Pub Scrabble

For Christmas, Brian bought me Norwegian Scrabble.

Norwegian Scrabble comes complete with its own alphabet (æ, ø, å are included, while  Q, Z, and X (not used in Norwegian) have been removed).  Letter distribution and weighting is also different.  ‘J’ for example, is worth only two points, while the letter ‘C’ is worth ’10’ and is the English Scrabble equivalent of ‘Q’.

So, of course I took the board game with me.  We were after all going to the country of (relatively) cheap beer, so drinking pub beer while playing board games seemed like a fine idea.

Half way through our game I picked out these letters:

Norwegian Scrabble. Off to the left may, or may not be a Google Translate device.

For Scrabble newbies, the ability to use all tiles, is not only reasonably rare, but also guarantees 50 bonus points prior to any doubling or tripling word scores.

Unfortunately, in Norwegian Scrabble, English words are not allowed.

Damn it.

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  1. Eugene says:

    Where in the world (Norway, Germany,US & Canada especially) canyou buy a Norwegian Scrabble set, tiles, etc?

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