First Ski

After some beautiful winter days, we decided to embrace our Norwegian lifestyle and give this skiing business a go.

Now I do have some basic skiing experience back from my school days.  I learned to stand on them, and how to make my way down a gentle slope in a plough-like fashion.  Brian, on the other hand, was brand new to the concept.

Most of our snow experience comes from tramping.  There, it’s been drilled into us to ‘not slip’, ‘slipping is not an option’.  And, after arming ourselves with ice axes and crampons to traverse icy slopes (read: National Park), it’s those words that now keep running through my head whenever crunching through snow.

So, the idea of strapping a couple of fiber-glass planks to my feet, standing on an icy slope, and armed only with poles to propel me downwards all seems just a little bit terrifying.

Nonetheless, it was time to embrace our fears.

Together with some friends from our language class (read: fellow immigrants), we headed for the Eikedalen ski resort.

There, we hired complete ski attire and lift passes for a very reasonable 400 Kr.  Brian and I made a beeline for the children’s slope.  With our skis firmly attached to our feet, we took the ski lift up the bunny slope.

So far so good.

I then attempted to teach Brian how to ski, based on my own limited knowledge of the subject.

Less good.

As we were standing at the top of the bunny slope surrounded by Norwegian preschoolers fearlessly whizzing past us (some seemingly barely old enough to walk), we ever so slowly nudged our way forwards. Several tumbles later, destination was reached, and we repeated.

Exhaustion set in quickly, but towards the end, Brian did master a gentle turn.

Stopping still needs work.

Some photos of Brian in a more flattering stance below.

Like a pro - pre-school free patch


Packing up

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