Ice cat

Walking to work has suddenly become a new challenge. 

So far, so good.


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4 Responses to Ice cat

  1. david says:

    Did you rescue the cat?

  2. CeilingCat says:

    If you get Brian to glue a couple of plastic rulers to some old shoes you can make MiniSkis ™ and ski down the hill to work.
    It could be the next big thing. Huge even.
    (No, I haven’t fully tested this idea yet. But there is no snow here. I need a volunteer from somewhere cold. And there is clearly no possibility of such a great idea going wrong..).

    • michelle says:


      Brian might need to engineer a bend at the front, so they don’t become MiniPloughs, although that too could be a new engineering achievement. Oh, and brakes would be good too. Then we’d make millions (NOK), less tax.

      Actually, given that only a few footpaths have heating cables, and that Bergen is both the ‘wettest city in Europe’, and warmest city in Norway, it makes for an increasingly treacherous journey to work. The temperature keeps creeping above zero, we get rain, and it promptly refreezes into wet, slippery Wellington-like slopes of death.

      Today I played an intimate game of human Jenga as I encountered a couple of others heading the opposite direction, and none of us were willing to let go of the railing to let the other pass.

      Forget the MiniSkis, tomorrow I’m buying crampons.

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