Frozen Fjord

Today, we had our first frost. I have experienced frosts before of course, once or twice a year on an early Auckland morning, as well as some lovely crispy frosts back on the TA farm.

However, this frost was Norwegian style. It showed no signs of leaving. Roads were frozen over, a leisurely weekend stroll became a whole new challenge, cars were skidding, and children were trying their best to follow in the footsteps of Sonja Henie.

Even one of the fjords had frozen over.

But we were prepared, and suddenly very grateful for our layers of cozy warm NZ merino.


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4 Responses to Frozen Fjord

  1. david says:

    Is it true that in Norway they have heaters under the road to stop ice from forming? Is it just under the road bridges? (I seem to remember Denis talking about this.)

  2. Simon says:

    When I was in Norway I was trying to convince someone that in NZ were all lived in caves and instead of cars we rode donkeys. And that in winter it gets so cold you’d have to wake up early in the morning to go scrape the ice off your donkey.

    I don’t think they believed me though…

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