Meanwhile in Norway

Despite experiencing some exceptionally warm weather, winter preparations are now well on their way.

Brian spotted these on his way to work.*

Studded winter tyres


Nothing to see here, just a car on the motorway.


*Well technically not work yet, but next week it will be, once his adoption papers come through

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3 Responses to Meanwhile in Norway

  1. david says:

    Hello, I’m Mr. Plow. Are you tired of having your hands cut off by snowblowers? And the inevitable heart attacks that come with shoveling snow?
    Then call Klondike-5-3226. Call now and receive a free T-shirt.
    My prices are so low, you’ll think I’ve suffered brain damage!
    So remember…. Call Mr. Plow, That’s my name. That name again is Mr. Plow.

  2. CeilingCat says:

    You are required to pay a fee for using studded tyres in Oslo and Bergen. Oddly, this is to improve air quality. From the Oslo kommune Samferdselsetaten website:

    “Studded tyres tear up the asphalt and generate airborne particles. These particles cause major health problems for many inhabitants, especially those who have allergies or asthma.”

    No, really. I am not making this up…

    Also Sing ho! for Brian (BRIAN) ho! for getting a job.

    • michelle says:

      But, seems if they don’t they skid all over the road. I feared for my life!

      Oh yes, and Brian finally received his formal adoption papers, yay!

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