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From each according to their means

Next month Brian will pay his first Norwegian taxes. I have been led to believe this should be an enjoyable experience. However, surprised that he would be taxed at 45% (considerably more than my rate), he decided to seek enlightenment … Continue reading

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Norway has a sheep to person ration of 0.007. New Zealand has a sheep to person ratio of 9.0. Norwegians are particularly fond of smalahove.  My colleagues regard it as a Christmas delicacy.* The only drawback is price.  Sheep heads … Continue reading

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Frozen Fjord

Today, we had our first frost. I have experienced frosts before of course, once or twice a year on an early Auckland morning, as well as some lovely crispy frosts back on the TA farm. However, this frost was Norwegian … Continue reading

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Meanwhile in Norway

Despite experiencing some exceptionally warm weather, winter preparations are now well on their way. Brian spotted these on his way to work.*     *Well technically not work yet, but next week it will be, once his adoption papers come … Continue reading

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