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Norway and Alcohol

Norway has a long and complicated relationship with alcohol. Today that relationship seems to have stabilized, but still remains regimented. It is possible to purchase a limited selection of beer, mostly pilsner, and cider from the supermarket, but only between … Continue reading

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Lyderhorn and his six brothers

Bergen is surrounded by islands and mountains. The mountains vary in height with the highest being Ulriken, at 643m (or approximately two and a bit Mt Edens, or 2/3 of a Te Aroha).¬† Consequently, mountain hiking is popular here wind, … Continue reading

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Vikings and Moas

In 1150, 20 years before the construction of The University of Oxford,¬† 50 years before Genghis Kahn took reign, 200 years before the black death killed half of Europe, some 350 years before¬†Columbus proved you couldn’t fall off the earth, … Continue reading

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Following a week of rain, the forecast for Saturday was sunshine and blue skies. This called for celebration. We got up at 6.30am, prepared a Nistepakke (packed lunch) and wandered down to the train station where we purchased two tickets … Continue reading

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