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Norwegian Queuing Theory

On the weekend we bought two monthly travel passes.  These are great and give us free access to both bus and light rail transport throughout the greater area of Bergen.   For the queuing enthusiast, they also provide an ideal opportunity … Continue reading

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Waffles and Furniture

We are currently living in a student hostel, renting an apartment from a couple of students who have vacated for the summer holidays. The students (and the rest of Bergen’s 20-30,000 student population) return next week, and we will be … Continue reading

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The ugliest town in Norway

The lonely planet guide has this to say about Odda: Frequently cited as Norway’s ugliest town (it does battle with some pretty dire places in Finmark), Odda is the Hardanger region’s industrial, iron-smelting capital. The Rough Guide to Scandinavia states … Continue reading

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Mobil Lader

We spotted this contraption on our travels.   A mobile phone charging station with plugs for all the common phones. Nice. Now if only companies could make phones, cameras, and laptops all with universal (maybe even contactless) chargers.

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Trails in Norway seem generally more hardcore than in NZ. There are no safety rails, or stairs. River crossings are frequent and you are expected to find your own way across the often icy and fast-flowing water. Occasionally though, we … Continue reading

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 Having immigrated to the country of fjords, we felt it was our duty to get up close, and personal with Slartibartfast’s finest achievement. It was time to follow the tourists and head up the Sognefjord. The Sognefjord is the largest … Continue reading

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You want me to put those where?

Norwegian marshmallows are really good.  They’re big, fluffy and not too sweet.  When added to the equally tasty Norwegian hot chocolates they slowly soften, rather than melt into a sticky pink and white soup we find with the NZ Pascals … Continue reading

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