Yesterday was payday. It was Friday.

Today is Saturday. Saturday comes after Friday. 

We were so excited.  Which Storsenter should we choose?

Saturday!  Saturday! Shopping day!

Riding the bus!

Heading down to the Storsenter!

Gotta love Saturday!

Ok, I give up.  Even if I plagiarise, I can’t match the talent of Rebecca Black.  My song has less flair than Brian’s cat-terrorising Mongolian throat singing.

I shall try again.


Friday marked the end of poor week.    Eight days ago we realised we were down to our last few hundred NOK.  Rather than dip into the bottomless money sink in New Zealand known as a revolving mortgage, we decided to embark on a 20Kr per day budget. 

Food wise our biggest expenditure would be bread at 30Kr a loaf. 

We had to improvise.

On the first day of poor week, we bought some yeast (12kr), and Brian started making bread, which would last us the rest of the week.

It was delicious.

This was followed by tasty lentil and barley dinner, and the next day a, birthday outing to a Norwegian restaurant via Western Union and the family relief fund.

Actually it all went better than expected.

And today, those austerity measures could come to an end. 

With our bank account refilled, it was time to furnish our apartment.  While there is an exciting of array shopping centres here in Bergen, there is really only one when it comes to home ware.


Home of Ikea.

We set out early Saturday morning, with an extensive shopping list. 

As we joined the crowd, waiting for the furniture wonderland to open its doors we, for a fleeting minute, felt like true Norwegians.

Once inside I was overwhelmed by choice.  What colour, model, and size of tea cups should I get?  The white ones, the stubby blue ones with matching saucers, the pre-packaged and slightly cheaper ones, or the round beige ones?  There were so many factors to consider.  And, much to Brian’s anguish, this was only the first item on my list.

Nonetheless, we finally negotiated our way through the giant complex.

Here is what 1250 NOK ($280 NZD) at IKEA buys you:

Amongst the goodies, a toilet seat, a $8.50 NZD coffee table, stainless steel mixing bowls, glass ware, cutlery, crockery, light fittings, bake ware and a tool kit.

Today was an exciting day.

And now, I must go and attend to the beckoning smell of my very first Norwegian chocolate muffins cooling in the kitchen.

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