Auckland, famous in Norway

New Zealand’s snow fall was the topic of today’s lunchroom discussion.

It made newspaper headlines – Auckland, covered in snow!

I excitedly told my colleagues that Auckland hit a record daytime low of 8 degrees. 

They proceeded to inform me that yesterday’s high for summery Bergen was 9C.


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3 Responses to Auckland, famous in Norway

  1. Simon says:

    Yes, I always tell my Estonian friend how cold it is here then remember the average annual temperature there is 5C.

    Mind you, most cold climate places are sensible enough to build their houses with modern technology, like insulation. There is zero heat holding in my house. The inside basically gets to the same temperature as outside.

    • michelle says:

      Actually in some houses you get inverse insulation, where the temperature inside ends up being colder than it is outside. I’m not sure how this works.

      • Simon says:

        That happens in mine. It spends all night getting cooler and cooler then finally reaches equilibrium sometime in the early morning then when the sun comes up the outside temperature rises but the rest of the house takes longer too start warming up.

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