Home 2.0

Yesterday we moved into our new apartment. 

For the past six weeks home has been a tiny student studio in the centre of Bergen.  The apartment was lovely, the location awesome, and it served as a great base in between our travels.  But, as we settled into work and day-to-day life, home for two people in a 25 sqm room became more of a challenge, and we became intimately acquainted with every square metre of the space we called home.

Yesterday we packed up all our belongings – everything we bought on the flight, and a few extra acquisitions we’ve made since, and prepared for our move.

Carrying  two day packs, a laundry basket, our newly acquired IKEA coffee table and two Macpacs filled with blenders, printers and computers, we embarked on the one km journey.  Twenty minutes later we arrived.

We settled in, opened the beer our landlord left behind for us, the Norwegian twisities, and some Grandiosa pizza – Norway’s national food (next to the sheep’s head, and brown cheese, that is). 

We sat back, absorbed our new space, and enjoyed the view.

We are renting the apartment furnished. At more than twice, or maybe thrice the size of our previous apartment, it’s a lovely, spacious loft.  We suddenly became aware of all the luxuries we had missed.

  • Rooms
  • A couch
  • A coffee table
  • A beer drinking room
  • Windows*
  • A table to sit down and write a blog post
  • A bedroom
  • A lovely sunny view overlooking the harbour
  • A kitchen with laundry, dishwasher, oven and plentiful bench space
  • A spare bed for our soon to be arriving visitors

The pizza was good, the twisities let us reminisce about New Zealand, and the beer was cold and crisp.

It was a good day.

 *Not the OS

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7 Responses to Home 2.0

  1. Simon says:

    How quickly you forget! Remember when you lived under your house like trolls. With cats in the ceiling. And had to walk uphill to Galbraiths both ways. In the snow! That was a tiny space.

    When are you going to do a blog post on the local pubs? Or are they too expensive?

  2. david says:

    …and interesting neighbours.

    Nice digs, So you’re working now?

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