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Stavanger and the Oil

 “The chances of finding coal, oil or sulphur on the continental shelf off the Norwegian coast can be discounted”.  –Norwegian Geological Survey, 1954, in a letter to parliament With some drying days to spend in Stavanger  we decided to visit … Continue reading

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Tramping the Lysefjord

Executing a google image search for Norway and/or fjord, retrieves two quintessential fjordy images.  One of an impressive flat rock overlooking a fjord, and the other of a boulder, often with people doing stupid stuff on it, wedged between two … Continue reading

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Dedicated to Bergen

We spotted this curious sculpture on our wandering through Bergen. It’s a rain sculpture, dedicated to the wettest city in Europe. I can’t wait until it rains!

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Urban Secrets

When we moved into our apartment, we asked our semi-apartment lords about the rubbish collection.  “Oh, that’s easy” they replied in typical fluent English that we’ve fast become accustomed to. They lead us down to the ground floor out back.  … Continue reading

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Norway Pricespy

Norway and expensive seem to be synonomous.   It holds the number one place on the global Big Mac Index. But, in day to day terms, how expensive is it really? We decided to conduct a quick survey, based on today’s shopping … Continue reading

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Long way from home

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We flew back to Bergen today. We came back to what will be our new home for the next six weeks, as we settle in to life in Norway. The apartment is small, but in the heart of Bergen, and aptly described as … Continue reading

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