Late last night we returned back home to the comforts of Bergen following some semi-epic tramping through the Fjordland.

I was planning on publishing a series of posts about our latest adventures, and then we heard about the tragedy in Oslo, and it no longer seemed that pressing.

Norway is about the same size as New Zealand in terms geography and population.  It’s the sort of country where everyone will know someone who died, or knows someone who will know someone who died.

Considered one of the world’s most idyllic, safest and peaceful countries, what just happened here will leave a deep scar in the fabric of society.  Local news casts are stating Norway will never be the same again.

I hope people realise this was neither politically nor religiously motivated, but rather the actions of a severely mentally ill man who managed to slip through the cracks unnoticed as his health deteriorated.  I hope that the prime minister will still be able to walk the streets of Oslo without a bodyguard, and people use public transport without fear.

There will be a minute’s silence at noon today, and people have assembled a memorial here downtown.  We will wander down and pay our respects.

It’s an awful, devastating tragedy, and my sympathies go out to friends and family of those who died.

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  1. david says:

    It was a shocking, revolting thing to hear of. Best wishes of the world to Norway and its leadership. I haven’t read too much of the story behind the attacks given that I really don’t want to stoop to giving the attention that was sought. And the media especially early on was mostly noise seeking to fill the gap, but I hope Norway is still awesome for you.

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