Long summer days

10pm at the top of a mountain. Sunglasses are required.

Bergen is surrounded by seven prominent mountain peaks, all within walking distance from the CBD.  This is awesome, and means regardless of where you live here, you are unlikely to be further than 10 minute walk away from an epic tramp.

The downside is it casts a rain shadow, causing Bergen to be affectionately known as the wettest city in Europe.  However, on a sunny blue-sky day with mountains on your back door step, it’s a small price to pay. 

With the evening sun streaming in through our window, we decided to wander up one of the mountains for some hot-chocolate, and watch the sunset before heading back down.

Sunset is at 11pm.  This gives a new definition to twilight tramping.  

We wandered up the hill.  The mountains are expansive, with a confusingly rich network of trails.  There can be hundreds of people on any one mountain, and it’s still possible to feel completely alone and remote.

Cooking hot chocolate

On the lower slopes, we passed some Italians with a rather different take on walking shoes (read: heels, and dress shoes).  But, as we got higher, we only came across the more hard-core Norwegians.

At 9pm, some 2 1/2 hours after we left our apartment we reached the summit.  It would still be another two hours until sunset.

We had our hot chocolates, watched the boats in the harbour, soaked in the scenery, before heading back down. 

We were back in our apartment just after midnight.  It was still light outside.

Norway is awesome.

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