Norway Pricespy

Supermarket Receipt

Norway and expensive seem to be synonomous.  

It holds the number one place on the global Big Mac Index.

But, in day to day terms, how expensive is it really?

We decided to conduct a quick survey, based on today’s shopping expedition.

Full summary below, prices are standard supermarket prices, and compared to approximate equivalent produce from

Produce is generally more expensive. 

Alcohol, is a given, and considerably more pricey.  We will be shipping our brewer ASAP.

Dining out, whether it be a coffee or full course meal, is about twice the price.

Electronics are the same price.

And, perhaps unsurprisingly, fish particularly salmon, is a fraction of the NZ price. 

We may be augmenting our vegetarian diet.

  Item NOK in NZD NZ Price Notes
  Banana (per/kg) 20.9 4.71 3  
  Courgette 18.9 4.25 7 Price is for 3 in NZ
  Whole grain bread 32 7.20 4.59  
  4pk Kilkenny Beer 128 28.80 19.99  
150g chilli peanuts 9.9 2.23 1.99  
  Jam chocolate biscuits 14.9 3.35 $2.44  
  2kg Jasmine rice 27.9 6.28 4.99  
  Cracked Pepper 22.4 5.04 3.76  
  500g Yoghurt 14.9 3.35 6.33 NZ only has 1kg
  500g cheese 51.9 11.69 11.6  NZ price seems a bit high, but was current price
  450g Totilla chips 15.4 3.46 $4.13 Eta Nachoes 350g
  Mushrooms (per/kg) 44.9 10.11 13  
  Soap, unscented 2pk 14.4 3.24 4.75  
  Tomatoes (per/kg) 37.9 8.53 14  
  Capsicum (3) 19.21 4.32 3.79 NZ price each
  100g smoked salmon 18.33 4.12 11.5  
  Asus EEE PC notebook 2295 517 530  
  Cappuccino 32 7.20 3.50  
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2 Responses to Norway Pricespy

  1. david says:

    You’re shopping at the Kiwi store?
    What does Kiwi mean in Norwegian? Google Translate doesn’t think it is Norwegian.

    • michelle says:

      Yep, Kiwi is one of the big supermarket chains. It has extra low prices, apparently. It’s green in colour, so maybe they got the name from the fruit.

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