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Honest Norwegian Tramping

Norway has an extensive hut and trail system, managed by the Den Norske Turistforening  (DNT).  On our third day in Norway, we signed up to become members.   Last week, we made use of the huts. We set out on a … Continue reading

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Having now been officially adopted by the Norwegian government, it was time to get a bank account. We wandered down to The Bank of Norway (DNB – Den Norske Bank). I had all the right ID, passport, and fødselsnummer; and … Continue reading

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The Bergen Resistance Movement

On the morning of April 9, 1940, Germany invaded Norway (and Denmark). Norway was a neutral country and to this effect did not have a strong military defence.  The takeover was swift and efficient.  The Norwegians were on their own, … Continue reading

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Late last night we returned back home to the comforts of Bergen following some semi-epic tramping through the Fjordland. I was planning on publishing a series of posts about our latest adventures, and then we heard about the tragedy in … Continue reading

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Long summer days

Bergen is surrounded by seven prominent mountain peaks, all within walking distance from the CBD.  This is awesome, and means regardless of where you live here, you are unlikely to be further than 10 minute walk away from an epic … Continue reading

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Out with the old, in with the new

Ten years ago I bought my first tramping boots.  They proved to be one of my best tramping investments, never failing me in the varied and often demanding NZ conditions. So it was only natural that they would accompany me … Continue reading

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With our epic Lysefjord tramp cut short due to being ill-prepared for Norwegian weather, we resorted to taking the conventional tourist route to the infamous Pulpit Rock. Pulpit Rock, locally known as Preikestolen, is perhaps Norway’s most famous sight, dominating … Continue reading

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