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Twenty-four hours ago we arrived in Oslo, Norway.  It was sunny and a pleasant 13C outside, almost as warm as Auckland. It was a favourable first impression, and one which would only grow on us as we made our way into the country. The … Continue reading

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It’s been 29 hours since we left Auckland Airport, and we now are somewhere in the dizzyingly complex airport maze of Frankfurt, waiting for our final connecting flight. Frankfurt Airport is a far cry from Changi, like the 747 delivering … Continue reading

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It’s hot, humid, and we are now about 1/3 of the way into our 30 hour journey to Norway.  I’m unsure of the time, as I have engaged in a time-deprivation experiment as a new technique to beat the inevitable … Continue reading

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Epic Erection

Two weeks after we moved into our now ex-do-up, Brian spotted a cast iron lamp post on trademe.  It was in Christchurch, but seemed like the sort of addition that would perfectly complement our TLC villa. We clicked ‘Buy Now’, … Continue reading

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Well it’s official, Brian and I are moving to Norway –  Bergen to be precise. Bergen ranks highly on the Norwegian awesome scale, noted for fjords, mountains, not being especially arctic, and blessed by Thor, God of Rain. Precipitation is … Continue reading

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