Train! Train! Oh, it’s a Train!

Following our 24 hour whirlwind tour of Oslo, we took the train to Bergen.

The Bergen railway is a 480km journey connecting Norway’s two largest cities.  It is one of Europe’s highest railways, and often also described as the most spectacular. 

The rail journey takes around seven hours and passes through some 200 tunnels, snowy peaks, and some spectacular fjords along the way.

We took the afternoon train leaving at 4pm, and were scheduled to arrive at 10.30pm in the evening.  Tickets were $177 NZD for the two of us, and this included power, table, and free tea/coffee.  The train is electric, smooth, and makes for a very comfortable journey.

Unfortunately, five days before our scheduled journey there was a small Norwegian disaster, causing part of the track to be closed.  One of the snow sheds caught fire, spreading to the sleepers, and then the passing train.   

Fire shuts down Bergen railway - news story here:

No one was injured.  However, for us it meant we would also be able to experience the bus public transportation system for the closed section of track adding 1 1/2 hours to our journey.

We arrived in Bergen just after midnight. 

It was just beginning to get dark.*

*It looked like it was starting to get dark.  But we’re not sure; we haven’t seen actual Norwegian darkness yet.   I guess we have to wait for the winter.
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