How To: Build a cat scratching post

We had a new requirement for a cat scratching post.

A brief Internet investigation revealed that cats are very possessive with scratch posts, and will mark prolifically, ruling out the trusty second-hand trademe option.

However new scratching posts from pet stores look flimsy, over-priced, and unlikely able to sustain a 5kg mass leaping at it from a distance.

The only option was to build our own.

How To: Build your own cat scratching post (prototype)


  • One old fencing post
  • Old tramping mat
  • Scrap plywood, or particle board
  • Two scrap pieces of wood, each approximately 1//2m in length
  • A bunch of screws
  • Some old carpet and canvas
  • One stray cat for testing purposes


  • Assemble ingredients as per envisioned Google Sketchup plan (plan somewhat limited by user’s unmastery of sketch-up)


  • Decide where to mount scratch pole branches, and chisel out the area on the central post


  • Screw together prototype, and compare with what customer ordered


  • Unscrew prototype, and staple carpet around central pole and branches.


  • Staple old tramping mat to platforms, and line with canvas
  • Screw back together, and admire final result


  • Test out on random kitten

    r0017544 r0017545 Exhausted

Random kitten gave post immediate approval, but this was only the prototype, and I’m now intent on building a beta version, which will be 3.3m high.

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5 Responses to How To: Build a cat scratching post

  1. Roger says:

    Yes 5kg. Once they hit 7kg they don’t do so much leaping.

  2. michelle says:

    5kg = Antcipated weight of full grown test-kitten.

    Note, test-kitten currently weighs about 1kg, and is not suffering from feline giantism

  3. Alicia says:

    When did you get a test-kitten?

  4. michelle says:

    About three weeks ago. Although we didn’t get him as such, he mostly found us.

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