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O Solstice Tree

Christmas brings with it many curious cultural traditions. Perhaps the most odd, is the somewhat barbaric practice of decapitating a juvenile tree, and then dragging the carcass home where it is decorated with crass ornaments, only to later be carelessly … Continue reading

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A train journey to Helensville

On Christmas Eve the last train will depart from Britomart for Helensville. And so on the warm summer solstice afternoon of 2009 we found ourselves taxied to Helensville with 3 1/2 hours to spend before catching one of the last … Continue reading

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Youtube Cat

My life is complete. With ex-abandoned-kitten now firmly resettled in Eden Terrace, I can finally start contributing cat media to the Internets.

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How To: Build a cat scratching post

We had a new requirement for a cat scratching post. A brief Internet investigation revealed that cats are very possessive with scratch posts, and will mark prolifically, ruling out the trusty second-hand trademe option. However new scratching posts from pet … Continue reading

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