As I made my way in to work this morning, several colleagues greeted me with odd comments, involving Mt Eden, naked statues, and a micro-manhood.

Turns out I briefly featured on TV, and as an added bonus, my screen presence was accompanied by the Macgyver soundtrack.

Alas I have fallen woefully behind on popular culture, and become rather clueless on local celebrities and their corresponding programs du jour.

Who knew I was in the presence of fame when, after running up Mt Eden, I gazed at that shoddily erected statue, and then promptly watched it fall apart, all the while wondering who in the world Hamish McKay could be.

For anyone wanting to share in my 10 seconds of fame, tune in to here. (And fast forward right to the end.)

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  1. bslsailor says:

    Hi Eden –
    Found your Blog a while back and was
    fascinated that you found a way to replace
    a Toshiba laptop hinge cheaply.

    The link is now not found!
    Could you reinstate
    “how-to-fix-a-broken-laptop-hinge” ?

    Thanks, John

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