Our company is on the verge of releasing a major new version, v2.0, of our core product,  while  still actively supporting the previous version, v1.12.

A concerned colleague asked me how we were managing the flurry of development in v1.12 and how we were deciding what to merge forward to v2.0.

In software development this is a common scenario, and it can get complicated fast without well defined QA and dev processes.

“We have it mostly under control.” I replied. “Mostly.”

I then go on to explain our actual procedure for ensuring only tested changes make it into v2.0.  Colleague seems satisfied.

“So was that a reference to Alien then?”, he asks.


“You know in Alien, when the girl says to Ripley ‘They mostly come at night. Mostly’.  They did a take off of it on South Park as well.”

“Oh, I don’t remember that”, I say, revealing my sci-fi movie ignorance.  “What was the girl’s name anyway?”, I continue.

“Gosh. I don’t know.  But google will”.

My colleague types  ‘they mostly’ into the search bar.


The answer is immediate.

Sweet Google.

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2 Responses to Mostly

  1. Anonymous says:

    Newt. Rebecca Jordan. EVERYONE knows that!

    You were discussing that in front of a computer. You do know Google listens to everything that’s said in range of a connected PC via the sound card and microphone and uses that to tailor the search results right?

  2. Simon says:

    Also that was in Aliens. Not Alien. Two COMPLETELY different films.

    Not sure my last comment went through :(

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