I’ve been entertaining the thought of getting a cat. I have yet to convince Beau this is a good idea, and him being a seemingly typical feline-phobic man, this may take some time.

But the other day I was browsing trademe, on the prowl for some rimu timber, when I came across the following listing:


“Ooh there’s a kitten on trademe, and it’s free”, I exclaimed.

“Uh-huh”, was the particularly unenthusiastic response from Beau.

“Oh, but it’s got a missing eye”, I said, as I re-read the listing.

“Hm, well it is free”, replies Beau. “You have to expect some defects”.

I excitedly click on the link. To my dismay the kitten in the listing was in fact not missing a brown eye, but rather missing from a home.

Utter disappointment.

Still, it explains how they knew the missing eye was brown I guess.

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  1. Simon says:

    You should get a dog. Dogs are infinitely better than cats. You never see a cat enjoying a drive in the car with it’s head out the window and it’s tongue hanging out.

    Well, not unless you wind the window almost all the way up!

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