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My latest hobby has been learning Powershell. Powershell is the long-awaited Windows equivalent of the Unix shell.  It doesn’t have things like grep, awk, sed, ps, that would be way too sensible. It can however do everything a UNIX shell … Continue reading

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I’ve been entertaining the thought of getting a cat. I have yet to convince Beau this is a good idea, and him being a seemingly typical feline-phobic man, this may take some time. But the other day I was browsing … Continue reading

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Week 1

For the past week we have been going to bed at 8pm, and getting up  around 7am the following morning, as part of a 30-day sleep experiment. Going to bed at 8pm requires some life-style changes.  Firstly, I’ve had to … Continue reading

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The Sleep Experiment

In the early nineties 15 volunteers walked into a research facility in Maryland. It was the middle of winter, with darkness enveloping the area by 5.30pm, and light not fully returning until 9am the following day. The head of research, … Continue reading

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At 4.21am this morning Ned The Rat shuffled off this mortal coil, his snout terminally rammed into a parcel of organic peanut butter wrapped in Mercer cheese rind. It was a sad moment, but Ned had danced with death for … Continue reading

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