With the help of a 17 line perl script, and beep-1.2.2-22, ratcam has now been configured to play a sound on any event.

And it worked.

For a fleeting moment I felt like a true linux hacker.

But now we’re slightly hung-over as our sleep was continually interrupted with an onslaught of events.

It seems our young rat is somewhat deterred having set off the trap previously, and is now treading with extreme caution.

RatCam betting site coming soon.

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2 Responses to Caution

  1. David says:

    After your video YouTube suggests “snake eating mouse”, but I doubt you want a snake in the ceiling.

    You should get a cat. The mouse will venture out and then the cat can play with it. The cat may even choose to kill it and give it as a present.

  2. Simon says:

    Put a bit of coconut on the trap. It makes a good bait.

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