ratmouseWe have an event.

Event #14375. It was triggered by motion at 2am.

Alas I am now somewhat perplexed as to what exactly we have in our ceiling, and just what sort of trap we should be using.

Basic animal recognition, suggests said tenant is either a large mouse, or a small rat.

Internet research suggests the differences between the two is minor. A mouse has 10 nipples, a rat 12. However, the differences between a young weaned rat, and an adult mouse are more subtle.

Rats  engage in muricide, while mice get stressed out by rat odour. This suggests a likely population of one or the other. Given earlier evidence of established rat populations, my guess is our local Eden Terrace rats went on a mouse rampage, killing them all, and are now struggling with overpopulation and lack of ongoing food source.

They’re becoming grumpy, thumping about in frustration.

Or maybe they joined forces. And we’re now dealing with a rat mouse hybrid.

Either way they’re still not having any of our tasty trap food. More research is required.

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