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With the help of a 17 line perl script, and beep-1.2.2-22, ratcam has now been configured to play a sound on any event. And it worked. For a fleeting moment I felt like a true linux hacker. But now we’re … Continue reading

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Hog Horror

We have acquired an unwanted tenant. He lives in the ceiling. Recently he’s gotten noisier, and we hear loud thumping sounds emanating from up above. Now this bothers me, not so much the free-loading part, but rather the the idea … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice

Yesterday marked the winter solstice. Winter solstice occurs when the tilt of the earth’s axis is most inclined away from the sun.  It is the shortest day of the year, and longest night. It signifies the start of winter. Historically … Continue reading

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Beware The Programmers

Spotted on my travel to work. Presumably it’s by the same author as this. Is our aspiring developer  trying to warn us?  Do I need to be extra careful around my colleagues?

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Tongariro Winter Crossing

I’d seen the photos. They all look so rugged, and adventurous, with a hint of danger. And so, for quite some time I’d been fantasising of doing a Winter Tongariro Crossing.  Dire weather warnings, and requirements of ice-axes and crampons … Continue reading

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Life is hard

Spotted at the Napier DOC office. More Hawkes Bay photos, including the best ever skateboard ramp for young people here.

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