Recruitment Ethics

My work-place is currently looking to fill several IT positions.

This means my manager has spent the last few weeks interviewing, and dealing with recruitment agents.

Today I received a phone call from one of them.

“Hi Michelle, this is Damian from BackStreetIT. How’s it going at Sofahome?”

“Good, good”, I reply, wandering if I know him.

“Yeah Sofahome is a great little company. I know several of the developers there.”

“Listen Michelle, I’m looking for someone who knows Subversion and Cruise Control to do release management for a UNIX-based telco in the city”

“OK”, I say. I proceed to tell him that his position sounds interesting, but that I’m not actively looking, and instead pass on the contact details of some friends.

I hang up the phone.

“Hey Graham”, I say to my manager sitting next to me. “Do you know Damian from BackStreetIT?”

“Why yes, I know him well. He’s a nice chap. I had a cup of coffee with him this morning. We discussed some of the dev positions I’m looking to fill”.

“Yeah, well he just called me and tried to entice me to another job”, I tell him.

“That devil…”

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  1. Ian says:

    This happens in IT the time…

  2. Ian says:

    s/the/all the/

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